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The Hingham Sports Partnership mission is to...

Inspire, Educate & Advocate for the positive values and benefits achieved through broad-based community supported athletic programs.
HSP offers leadership and financial assistance to youth and school sports programs, and promotes community awareness and support of athletic events.
HSP is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3)organization.

Online Sponsorship and Grant Applications

The Hingham Sports Partnership accepts requests for funding via our grant or sponsorship on-line forms.  Please use the appropriate link depending on whether your request is for a sponsorship or grant.  For questions or more information, contact Hingham Sports Partnership Grant Chair, Katherine Forbes at

Send Us Your Sports Related News!

Send your sports related news to and we'll add it to the home page! Along with your news, please include a publishing start and end date as well as a photo or graphic. 

Make a donation to HSP

Hingham Sports Partnership would not be able to support Hingham athletics all over town  without people like you.  So if you have a child who has ever participated in sports at any age, chances are you have already benefited from an HSP grant!


Looking for SNAP? Go to their new site at

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