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HYF Tackle Football

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Cancellation Policy

Upon notification prior to the weigh in and return of all equipment you will be issued a refund less a processing fee of $25.00. Currently anyone who decides not to play after the weigh in is not issued a refund.

Equipment Pick up schedule

Please check back!


We will schedule dates closer to the start of the season end of July/beginning of August!




Equipment Night TBD

Season Begins:

We will post a full calendar of events and activities soon. Please check back here as the dates below may change!

The pre- season will begin mid to end August

Pep Rally and Official Weigh first weekend of September

Specific dates to follow!


The Official Weigh-in Information 2020






D6 MITES 3rd 8 8 yr old prior to July 1st No limit 119
D1 MITES 4th 9  9  yr old prior to July 1st    No limit 119
D6 PEEWEES 5th 10 10 yr old prior to July 1st  No limit 144
D1 PEEWEES 6th 11 11 yr old prior to July 1st  No limit 144
D6 MIDGETS 7th 12 12 yr old prior to July 1st   No limit 181
D1 MIDGETS 8th 13-14 14   yr old prior to Nov 15th      No limit 181


*There is no weight limit to be rostered on a team and particpate in HYF practices 
**Week 1 Weight Limit for game participation.  Each week the Weight Limit increases 1 lbs. over a 10+ week season, so if a rostered player doesn't qualify for Week 1 they may still qualify for game participation in subsequent weeks.
Week Midget PeeWee Mite
1 181 144 119
2 182 145 120
3 183 146 121
4 184 147 122
5 185 148 123
6 186 149 124
7 187 150 125
8 188 151 126
9 189 152 127
10 190 153 128

Weight Maintenance

Bully prevention policy

Hingham youth football and cheer has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. If anyone is caught bullying another player or cheerleader that player or cheerleader will be expelled from the team for the rest of the season. Please make sure that your child is aware that we have zero tolerance and there will be no warnings given.