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Hingham Swimming and Diving


Please see attached meet schedule. All meets listed will be held virtually. This means we will not actually physically race our opponents in person at the same pool. Meets will be held similar to an intrasquad meet where you will compete in person with your own teammates.  The opposing team will simultaneously be swimming at a different location. Times/places and scores will all be calculated after each team completes their meet to determine the winning team. 

All meets this year will be held at the Connell pool in Weymouth (will replace practice). 

We separated out the girls and the boys into two different days in an effort to get as many of you the ability to race while adhering to Connell Pool capacity guidelines on deck and our pool time. Before each meet we will determine attendance and will be splitting the meet up into different sections to follow capacity guidelines. 

Parents -Unfortunately, there are no spectators this year as we have a strict guideline of 40 max capacity limit on deck, which includes all swimmers, coaches, officials and lifeguards. However, we may need some volunteers for timers/score keepers for these meets which would give a few of you the ability to attend the meet! Please standby as I need to determine the swimmers attendance for these meets first to adhere to these guidelines.  I will have an email out by Tuesday letting you know how many volunteers we will need. We are also looking into possible options to live stream the meet and we will keep you updated.

Next Virtual Meet:


@ Connell Pool
Warm up @5:05
Meet start @5:25

As of right now BOTH boys and girls will swim

The Virtual Meets will be steamed and saved on the teams YouTube channel.

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We are excited for the upcoming season!  Please make sure you do the following to prepare:

  • Register on X2
  • Pay HHS Sports User Fee
  • Update Physical Information
  • Register as HHS Swim & Dive Booster
  • IMPACT Concussion Screening 
  • Follow us on Instagram


This year will be VERY different, but we promise to have fun and stay safe doing so!  There are many guidelines we have put in place that will be adjustment for all. Fortunately, swimming has been designated a “lower risk” sport subject to less modifications compared to contact sports.  Most importantly, we will be able to compete safely!

Please see the below information.  Keep in mind this is a very fluid situation and this information may change as we move through the season but I will keep you posted on any updates.

Face Masks are to be worn on deck until you enter the pool for practice or until you step on the diving board/blocks for meets.

Temperature checks will be done before all practices, drylands and meets. If a student-athlete or a coaching staff member has a temperature of 100 degrees or above, they should not attend practices or meets. Likewise if they have any other symptoms of COVID-19 infection (, they should not attend practices or games. Student-athletes and coaches who have symptoms of COVID-19 infection should test and isolate in accordance with DPH guidance.

Also attached are the additional Rules, Modifications and guidelines from the MIAA.  

Connell Pool Guidelines

  • We can have a maximum of 40 people in the pool/pool area. This includes the lifeguard. 
  • All swimmers should arrive in their swim suits. 
  • Showers are available prior to swimmers entering the water. 
  • Time in the locker rooms should be kept to an absolute minimum.   
  • Face coverings and masks need to be worn in the building. Including the shower rooms and the pool deck.  (Not in the water.) 
  • Social distancing in the building and water must be maintained. 


Swim starts December 14   

UPDATE: Practice is 5:15-6:45 -please do not arrive before 5:05 at Connell Pool in Weymouth (220 Broad Street).  
Click here for map

See Connell Guidelines Above

We will be dividing the team up into groups to adhere to safety protocols and the max capacity guidelines per the Connell pool. Each group will be given rotating days to swim. Unlike past years, no swimmer will be able to swim all 5 days.  Groups will be as follows:

Swim Groups 2020-2021
Group A Group B Group C
P. Harrington J. Jenkins M. Carr
I. Strehle C. Foley E. Heaton
S. McDougall A.Kraja S.Bennion
M. Prosky Gilbert R.Martel A.Bennion
C. MacDonald P. Donegan V. Sellers
M. MacDonald K. Donegan G. Vale
S. Robson C. Riker I. Amidei
L. Matera E. Steiner E. Buckley
J. Bednarski T. Neyra K. O'Brien
A. Burnham A. Capodilupo M. O'Brien
O. Cataldo E. Potter M. Wilson
J. Rockett T. Warneck M. MacLellan
P. Bodnar G. Youssef M. Zaitsau
E.Grady C.Riker K. Cushing
N.Doherty   C.Forker 


Days for each Group
Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Practice Group 1 A A B A A
Practice Group 2 B C C B C

This list is also below as a pdf and is posted on Hingham Swim & Dive Facebook and Instagram pages

Dive Practice starts December 14 

at Randolph High Pool (70 Memorial Pkwy, Randolph, MA 02368).  Click here for map

Mondays: 8-9pm 
Tuesdays: 6-7pm 
Wednesdays: 8-9pm 


Saturdays: 8:30-9:30 @ Hingham High – Full team 


Meets – All meets will be VIRTUAL


Meets will be held either at the Connell Pool or Randolph high – Final Meet schedule is in progress. The first meet will be after January 7th. 
Spectators will not be allowed, however, we will need Parent volunteers for timing and score keeping who will be permitted on deck.  
Face Masks are to be worn on deck until you enter the pool for practice or until you step on the diving board/blocks for meets. 

Swimsuit Ordering Information

Girls suits can be ordered at: 

(color - red)

Boys  suits can be ordered at:


(color- red);


Swim Team Swag and fundraiser!  

We are incredibly lucky to have the Doherty family and College Hype as part of our team.  

Please see the attached flyer of merchandise that is available for the team
Have your swimmer reach out to Nolan Doherty to place your order. 


Coaches and Captains

Your Coaches

  • Head Coach Kait McDonough 
  • Assistant Coach Kara McInnis
  • Diving Coach Theresa Maria


This Year's team captains

  • Nolan Doherty
  • Declan Flynn
  • PJ Harrington
  • Cate MacDonald
  • Mary Kelly Prosky Gilbert
  • Ian Strehle

2020-2021 Meet Schedule

2020 Polar Plunge is Cancelled

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