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Hingham Girls Volleyball

2023 Volleyball Season

Registration for Fall 2023 Hingham Girls Volleyball
Hingham Girls Volleyball Registration is now closed as we prepare for the Fall 2023 season.

2023 Skills and Agility Clinic Calendar

Date Time Location Group
9/15/23 5:00 - 6:15pm Hingham Middle School 7th / 8th grade
9/15/23 6:15 - 7:30pm Hingham Middle School 5th / 6th grade
9/29/23 5:00 - 6:15pm Hingham Middle School 7th / 8th grade
9/29/23 6:15 - 7:30pm Hingham Middle School 5th / 6th grade
10/20/23   Skills Night Cancelled  
10/20/23   Please Attend HHS Varsity Game at 6pm  
    @ Hingham High School  



Varsity (7th/8th) players enjoying the 2017 season-ending Finale night

Varsity (7th/8th) players enjoying the 2017 season-ending Finale night


 Hingham Girls Volleyball aims to develop entry level skills for young girls and, through the committment and involvement of the high school teams, to enhance and accelerate the familiarity, involvement, and level of play.


Hingham Girls Volleyball encourages all girls, grades 5-8, to participate.  We will be teaching fundamentals of the game and ensuring that all participants get playing time.  We strive to make the brief season informative and fun so that the girls gain enthusiasm for the sport, and we encourage those players who want to "up their game" to consider local volleyball clubs as the next step.


  • Girls, 5th-8th grade. We have two divisions differentiated by the athletes' grade: Varsity (7/8th grade), and JV (5/6th grade).


  • The season will run from early September to the end of October, mirroring the Hingham High School Girls Volleyball Varsity and JV season.


  • Practice Night —(varies with the coach) we will be trying to include a mix of team-specific practices as well as broader Skills Nights with guest instruction from the HS coaches and area club coaches.
  • Game Night—(Tues for JV/Thurs for Varsity) 30 minute team practice/warm-up followed by one hour of game play.
    • Game schedules will be posted here when the season starts


  • Practices will be held at the various Hingham school gymnasiums, as selected by each team's coach.
  • Most games are played in the Hingham High School gym: see schedule links above. 

    To access the HHS Gym entrance for drop-off / pick-up / parking:

    Instead of the main HHS entrance, use the one-way driveway off Pleasant St. (between Downing and Union) that leads to the small parking lot and gym entrance at the back of HHS, then exits into the main HHS parking lot.

Jennifer Caudill


Tom Huleatt

Tom Huleatt

Former Director

Mike Reive

Assistant Director

Maryellen McBride

Varsity & JV Coordinator

Jenee Melgoza

CORI Administrator

Katie Hay


Rick Johannes


Nguyet Lam

Board Member

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