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11/27/18 PCA Workshop




PCA Workshop

Mastery: Coaching for Peak Performance

(For Parents and Coaches)

     In this 90-minute interactive workshop, we will dive deeper into one of the three main principles of Positive Coaching: ELM (Effort, Learning and bouncing back from Mistake). Coaches will explore how to help their athletes improve and perform to their potential through a mastery focus. We share research from the world’s top sport psychologists and researchers, some who serve on PCA’s National Advisory Board and have provided additional insight exclusive to PCA. Coaches will explore scenarios and apply this knowledge to some of the most common and difficult challenges around effort, learning and mistakes: n Getting players to put forth maximum effort regardless of the scoreboard n Helping your team to play with more confidence n How to help individuals frustrated by lack of improvement n Differentiating between types of mistakes and how to use them to improve performance.

WHEN:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - 7:00 - 9:00 PM

WHERE:  Hingham Middle School (Distance Learning Lab)



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